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Naughty Nightlife of Bangkok

Coming to Bangkok to enjoy the naughty nightlife of the city? Why not follow our guide below which will help you to know that which areas you should visit to find girls for sex, how much sex cost in Bangkok and the safety rules:

What type of girls is there in Bangkok?

Every type of girls is available in Bangkok for sex. Whether you are interested in a black, white or Asian girl, you will found all of them. The girls from different countries including India, Russia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines came here to earn money. So, you have so many options available. Some of the work as freelancers and can be picked from the road where other work as bar girls in night clubs and strip clubs.

What are the red light areas of Bangkok?

There are three areas which are known as red light districts which are famous for naughty nightlife in Bangkok. The names of these areas are Patpong Bangkok, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy. These areas are full of best clubs in Bangkok, strip shows, go-go-clubs, bars and night clubs etc.

How much it cost to have sex in Bangkok?

Generally, the cost of sex in whole Thailand is not much high but the price of girl vary city to city and area to area. There are three famous red light areas in Bangkok to enjoy nightlife Bangkok and have sex with the bargirls. The price of these areas also differs. So, I could not give you any figure for this but expect to pay as low as 2000 Bhat for sex.

How much hotel charge to bring sex worker?

Hotels in Bangkok do not charge any more to bring girls in your room. You can bring as many as you want but you may inform about this to the hotel in advance. If are not staying in Bangkok then you need to pay as low as 600 Bhat to book a room to have sex, There are also high-class hotels available which cost up to 6000 baht per night to stay with your guests.

Rules to enjoy naughty nightlife in Bangkok

Make sure that you follow the basic rules to enjoying the nightlife in Bangkok without getting in trouble and scammed by the locals.

Age limit: You need to be 18 years old to enter the strip club, bar, go-go bar and related clubs in Bangkok. Make sure to carry an ID card if you do not look like older.

Don’t do drugs: You are allowed to have drug inside the hotel, club or even in the bar as long as it’s allowed by you cannot go drug in the street. It could cause 20 years of jail.

Don’t fight: Chances to get a fight in Bangkok is relatively low but still, try to keep calm all the time. If the girl is not ready to go with you for sex then avoid her and pick another.

Lady drink rule: In bar or night club of Bangkok the girl come to sit next to you and try to flirt you. Do not offer her drink until you get enough pleasure. Let her touch you.

Patpong Bangkok scam: Protect yourself from the scams while enjoying the nightlife in Bangkok. Some best clubs in Bangkok may say that their show is free but they are not. Ask for the price in advance.

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What are the places to pick girls in Bangkok?

For professionals, simply visit the strip clubs and bar clubs. If you are looking for the cheap solution then pick freelancers sex works which can be found anywhere including bus stops, streets, popular roads, weekend market and near to the hotels.

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