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Pattaya Thailand is one of those cities of the country which you should visit. Why Because of its beautiful tourist attractions. There are so much do. The city does not limit the tourists with activities on the basis of their ages which mean that any age of the person can enjoy their stay to the Pattaya Thailand.

Accommodation is always the major problem when you travel to another country or the city. To overcome this problem there are many hotels in Pattaya are available to stay but this is not the only option available. Following we are sharing with you different types of accommodations including Pattaya hotels where you can stay while you are enjoying your trip to this city of tourists.

Pattaya hotels

Sawasdee Siam
Sawasdee Siam

All range hotels in Pattaya are available. So, you do not need to be worried about if you come here with the limited budget. You can book a room in the cheap hotel as low as $10 per night. The cheap hotel does not mean that you are staying in a low-class hotel. The cheap hotels in Pattaya Thailand are also full of so many services and amenities. The city also has many luxury hotels which are usually the preference of tourists from rich countries or tourists who are traveling here for business purpose. The price of expensive hotels can be as high as $1000 per night. In short, the hotels in Pattaya have the place to stay for all type of tourists.

The only main difference in a cheap and luxury hotel is the services and amenities. Expensive hotels usually have pool, bars, clubs, casino, restaurants and lounge, where on another hand the cheap hotels mostly provide you a comfortable place to stay.

Hostels in Pattaya Thailand

Walking Street Guest House
Walking Street Guest House

If you are coming along or coming in the group of youngsters then you should go with the hostel’s option because hostels in Pattaya Thailand are relatively cheaper than guest house and hotels. In some hostels, you may need to share the room with other tourists but hostels also give you options to book the whole room which does not cost more than $15 per night. There are also those hostels available in which you can book a bed only in bed sharing room. These types of hostels are the cheapest options available to avail. The price of bed sharing hostels starts from $7 per night.

The options of hostels are perfect for individuals as if you are two then you can book a separate room at the same price in cheap hotels in Pattaya.

Guest houses in Pattaya Thailand

Bedtime Pattaya
Bedtime Pattaya

The difference between a guest house and hotel is the amenities and services. That’s why booking a room in a guest room is cheaper than booking a room in the hotel. There are many guest houses in the Pattaya Thailand where the room can be a book in $12 per night only. This option suits with anyone who is looking for comfortable place to stay and sleep. The guest houses do not usually have options to eat and drinks but some of the guest’s houses in this city do offer these services to the guests.

That’s not it. You can also stay as paying guest in the houses of the locals in this city in which you also get the free food. If you plan to stay in Pattaya for more than a month then renting a house or room is the best choice because this will save you a lot of money as compare to the options mentioned above.

Choose the above mention option which suits your budget and enjoys your stay in Pattaya Thailand.

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