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Pattaya Walking Street – Pattaya Nightlife Guide

Every city is known by one of its recognized places. In Pattaya Walking Street is that place which is the identity of the Pattaya Thailand. This city offers so many activities to the tourists and local to enjoy. This is why many people only visit this city to enjoy the fun which has been offered at walking street Pattaya.

It is true that walking street Pattaya is mainly known for Pattaya girls and naughty Pattaya nightlife but it does not mean that there is nothing else to do. This s a ver lengthy street which is consists of many KMs. There is no shop in this street which offers you something different from purchasing. Also, the restaurants in this street are recognized and famous for its taste. Many people do visit in this street to enjoy strip shows, play games and enjoy drinks but the numbers of people are more who visit this place for shopping, exploring and eating the food.

Where is Pattaya Walking Street?

This street is located on Pattaya Beach Road. If you have booked your own transport in Pattaya Thailand than you can ask for anybody on Beach road about this famous street but if you are using public transport then you reached their automatically one you asked the driver to take you there. The local transport almost works 24 hours there to take tourists to Pattaya Walking Street.

The cost of local transport depends on that from where you are coming. If your hotel is located too far from the Pattaya Walking Street then you will probably pay a high fare. So, it is a good idea to book a hotel inside the Pattaya Walking Street or nearby so you can reach there by feet.

Pattaya Walking Street

Timing of Pattaya Walking Street

The shops in Pattaya opened almost 24 hours. Some shops are limited to open in daylight only where other open when the sun set. So, if you want to enjoy Pattaya nightlife and meet Pattaya girls for sex then you should be there early in the evening as the crowd of people starts increasing before the sun set. The night clubs, strip clubs and go-go clubs open the whole night. The nude dance and shows start late night when there where restaurants are opened early in the evening. Some restaurants also offer lunch.

Pattaya Walking Street

What to do in Pattaya Walking Street

You can do almost everything in this Street due to the verity of shops, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Enjoy Food: There are a number of popular restaurants there to enjoy the food. These are far from the adult nightlife, so you can come here with family, sit there and enjoy the food. There are many small vendors who sell local street food of the Thailand. If suggest you eat the street food more to enjoy the flavor of Thailand.

Shopping: Shops, shops, and shops, they are everywhere in Walking Street. It is a great place to purchase traditional Thai products and gifts for your friends and family. People also sell homemade crafts there which are not very expensive to purchase.

Pattaya Walking Street

Games: There are many gaming clubs are there but most of the clubs do offer the same type of games to play. If you want to play Pool games then you need to visit any nightclubs as there are many pool tables there to play games

Pattaya nightlife: Walking Street is known for Pattaya nightlife. You can watch live nude shows there, enjoy drinks, meet with Pattaya girls and even hire them for sexual activities etc. You need to be 18 to enter in any adult club in Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya Walking Street
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